About Us

Culture influences Fashion- Therefore Fashion is Culture.

Hello, nice to meet You! We are Cultured Chick! Quick backstory is,We love fashion but the word seemed overused. Being the creative thoughtful people we are, we decided to switch the word Fashion with Culture since Fashion is Culture.

Cultured Chick is ran by an African-American, Jamaican, full-time employee, wife, mom and entrepreneur. As a former student at F.I.T and former wardrobe stylist with big TV networks, I have decided to return back to my dream of having my own fashion line. Although 'Cultured Chick' items are not my own designs the brand will be heading in that direction very soon. Now enough about me! Like I was saying-Fashion and Culture go hand in hand. Our clothes and accessories are a non-verbal communication source which sends messages about who we are and where we're from- fashion is a way of expressing ourselves.

Before you go, we'd like to Thank YOU for supporting Cultured Chick and doing it for the Culture!